Hello everybody out there using ReviewBoard,

On Fedora 20 with default ReviewBoard RPM packages, installation of 
ReviewBoards works fine.
I've tried to set appropriate file permissions for my local git repository 
and modified SELinux policies accordingly. Still, when I try to add local 
repositories, I'm getting the error message
Permission denied accessing the local Git repository '/home/user/foo/.git'
I've already read that new versions of ReviewBoard will give more 
descriptive error messages, but I would like to keep the current Fedora 
Could anybody point me towards additional diagnostics to run in order to 
pin down the problem?
Accessing remote repositories also doesn't work, probably because my 
ReviewBoard server is behind a firewall:
Unable to load feed: [Errno 111] Connection refused
How can I tell ReviewBoard to use a proxy in this case?

Kind regards,

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