I have a new reviewboard installation (2.0.5), and we've setup a subversion 
repository.  However, the repository is never synchronized with the server 
after it is first added.  I can re-add the repo and am able to see the most 
recent revisions, but after that, the view into the repository becomes 
stale.  By the way, this is when we use the "New Review Request" link on 
the web UI.  Not sure yet if this is an issue or not with RBTools.  We are 
able to successfully use RBTools for pre-commit reviews.

I've enabled logging and inspected both the reviewboard and the apache log 
files, but nothing interesting shows up.

What is the mechanism to trigger a repository refresh?  Where else can I 
look for useful troubleshooting information?  I'd love to get my 
distributed team to adopt reviewboard, but this is a bit of a blocker at 
the moment.

Any help is appreciated.

OS: Debian 7 64-bit
Python 2.7.3
Using python-svn (since subvertpy was unable to connect to our subversion 

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