Having read the available documentation regarding using rbtools and git, I 
am still trying to understand how git reviews are working with our git 
branching strategy. Some things are not working as we expect.

We have a primary git repository origin/master. We have created a clone 
repository of master on the server where ReviewBoard is installed, and this 
repository is refreshed at intervals. All dev work is done on local 
branches off of master, and then merged back into master. We create a 
branch for each user story or defect that we work on. So the typical work 
pattern looks like this:

1. Dev creates a local branch off of master.
2. Dev makes changes in their local branch and commits.
3. Dev uses "rbt post" to create a review.
4. When review is complete, dev pushes branch to origin then merges to 

This pattern works fine. From reading the rbtools docs, my understanding is 
that "rbt post" diffs my local committed branch workspace against the copy 
of master on the clone with the ReviewBoard server.

If, instead, the dev pushes their branch to origin and then uses "rbt post" 
to create a review, rbtools says there are no diffs. It is as if rbtools is 
comparing the local copy of the branch to the origin copy of the branch, or 
the same pushed commit level on the clone copy of master on the ReviewBoard 
server, even though this branch is not yet merged to master.

Also, some devs have suggested that they have seen diffs where it seems 
rbtools is comparing their local branch to their local copy of the master 

Can someone explain the behavior of rbtools relative to git branches in the 
branch/work strategy that I have described here?

I think we are doing pre-commit reviews, since our branch is never merged 
to master when we create the reviews. Even if we have pushed our branch to 
origin, rbtools should be comparing against master and not our branch, 
right? So this is not post-commit.

To sum it up, we always want rbtools to compare the local committed branch 
workspace to origin/master, or a clone of master local to the ReviewBoard 


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