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Sorry for the long lead time on this. Responses inline.

 13:42:37 WARNING  - 
 RuntimeWarning: DateTimeField Review.timestamp received a naive datetime 
(2014-07-17 00:00:00) while time zone support is active.  RuntimeWarning)

I haven't seen this one. If you can figure out a reproduction case for this, it 
would be very helpful.
I’ve seen this when moving from an older database (pre-Django 1.4), back when 
timezone information wasn’t included in the database. If this was a recent 
upgrade from 1.6 or older, I think this will happen.

13:47:59 WARNING  - 
 DeprecationWarning: Using mimetype keyword argument is deprecated, use 
content_type instead  super(HttpResponse, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)

This can be ignored for now, but I'll do some investigation into how we can get 
rid of it.
I briefly looked into this. Basically, Django just deprecated an argument, so 
we need to update our calls. Should be pretty trivial, fortunately.

- Christian

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