On Oct 28, 2014, at 15:15, Stephen Gallagher <step...@gallagherhome.com> wrote:

> No progress has been made on that, I'm afraid. It's a bigger undertaking
> than it seems and I've frankly been swamped with other work
> (particularly the Fedora 21 release). I'd love to have someone help with
> this…

I don’t know what kind of help you would need and if I could be of any
assistance, but maybe if you send a plea to this list with specific items
you need help with, you may get some volunteers.

> Of course, if you have a RHEL subscription, you have access to RHEL 7 as
> well; perhaps you could just start up a RHEL 7 VM?

I actually use CentOS and am not ready to move to CentOS 7 yet as some of
our applications don’t work o it.  However, I could ask our IT department
if they can provide a RHEL 7 VM dedicated to ReviewBoard.

> There's also the Review Board Docker image[1] that should run on Docker
> in RHEL 6.

Hmm, that’s an interesting option.  I’ve read a little about Docker but
have not used it.  I was under the impression that you have to run the
same OS version on the host and the Docker images, but maybe that’s not
the case.


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