The way I accomplished this was to configure a Git repo in Review Board 
using the ssh method (the git method will probably also work) to access the 
Git repo remotely on my central server, as the "Path" and "Mirror path" 
settings in Review Board.  Then I wrote a CGI script that runs on the Git 
server's httpd server that takes a repo name and SHA-1 checksum as 
parameters, and runs "git cat-file blob <sha>" in the specified repo.  Then 
I configured Review Board's "Raw file URL mask" field to invoke this CGI 
script with the proper repo name and passing the <revision> value as the 
SHA-1 checksum.

The CGI script is about 35 lines of Python code.  This method avoids the 
need to replicate the Git repo on the Review Board server.  The overhead is 
much lower and it eliminates the biggest race condition in the Review Board 
On Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 8:00:30 AM UTC-8, Marian wrote:
> Now, if I were to use a remote SSH scheme for a Git Path, at least when 
> not using cgit or gitweb, quoting the documentation "*Git doesn’t have a 
> way of fetching an individual file of a given revision from a remote server 
> without having an entire clone, so it works differently from other 
> repository types*". 
> It seems to me the most proper way of setting and solving things out is to 
> have a local copy inside reviewboard that is git pulled before any diffing 
> operation occurs.
> Meanwhile, is there any possible way to implement git using gitolite 
> without having a web frontend like gitweb?

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