My company has been using ReviewBoard successfully for quite some time, and 
everyone seems to like it.

However, I'm trying to upgrade past, and run into a bevy of trouble.

Just running the site upgrade didn't work - perhaps something weird about 
my configuration, but on the target machines, if I have my MySQL 
MyISAM tables, they refuse to upgrade even to 1.7.8. (I did this with an 
*empty* database with no reviews in it, and it still didn't migrate). If 
the starting database is uses the InnoDB engine, the upgrade to 1.7.8 
fails, because a key gets too big). Apparently, I can work around *that* 
problem by sticking:


into /etc/mysql/my.cnf

OK, so the strategy to move forward seem to be to migrate all my data from 
MyISAM to InnoDB via rb-site manage .... dumbdb and loaddb. However, that 
*also* "fails" in the sense that not all my data is being imported, due to 
foreign key problems. I started looking at them, and realized that some of 
them are genuine problems that must some how be addressed.

- last_login being null (my fault, due to integration with external 
authentication, easy to fix)
- extra permissions in the auth_permissions table (presumably I can correct 
this by deleting no-longer-needed permissions flags)
- deleted users (I don't know how they were deleted, I don't have that 
enabled! I can work-around this issue by re-adding "deleted" but inactive 

... I don't know what other problems I'll uncover, but I expect that I'll 
uncover them.  Before I go through that trial and error work, is there any 
tool out there that will diagnose and potentially fix all the issues? I 
know that is a fairly old version (partly why I'm trying to bring 
the darn thing current!), so I don't expect that someone has anything for 
exactly this version - but perhaps for a later version, that I can adjust 
for the older database schema?



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