Hi All, 

I'm using Review board 2.014. And Smart SVN version 6.6. 

We use create patch feature of SVN to generate .diff files. 

I have one observation/quesy related interdiff. 

1. I have two files abc.c, xyz.c which has changed and I uploaded diff. This is 
Revision 1. 

2. After review comment round 1, I have changed both files and uploaded as 
diff. This is revision 2.

3. Now this code is checkedin in SVN.

4. Due to some reason we had to have one more round of review, and This time 
only abc.c file is changed and x.z.c file remains intact. When I created patch 
the .diff file have information about abc.c file and not xyz.c . I have 
uploaded diff . This is revision 3. 

5. Now I can see diff version as Original, Revision 1,2 and 3.

6. When I compare revision 1/2/3 diff file with original . It shows differences 
in file compared to respective pristine copy from SVN. This comparison shows 
differences between working copy and pristine copy. So thats work OK

7. *When I compare revision 1 and 2 diff files , I can see changes between two 
as both file's **change information (abc.c and xyz.c) is present in .diff file. 
But when I compare .revision 2 and 3 diff file, the diff file of revision** 2 
has information about changes in abc.c and xyz.c. but revision 3 has 
information about only abc.c and not xyz.c as xyz.c file is not changed 
compared to pristine copy. In comparison window reviewer  see xyz.c file 
"reverted" and gets confused . It actually should show that there is no file 
for comparison as xyz. file has not changed and hence is not part of diff file 
revision 3.*

*Can you please explain me why this is happening? *

*Thanks *


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