Sorry, turns out to be I was editing a previous version :D (Ooooops!). I am 
able to add custom logs now.

On Friday, June 5, 2015 at 12:03:58 PM UTC+5:30, Ketaki Rao wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to modify the source code situated in python/site-packages to 
> add a few custom logs to understand the working of reviewboard, but they do 
> not appear in the reviewboard.log file. I have added logs in the following 
> fashion:
> (reviews/
> import logging
> logger = logging.getLogger('reviewboard')
> def review_detail(...):
>     logger.debug("Custom log: In review_detail")
> After making these changes I have restarted Apache, but I am not able to 
> view these in the reviewboard log file. Could you please help me out with 
> the right procedure to add custom logs.
> Thanks and regrads,
> Ketaki Rao

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