Today I found myself reviewing a large changeset with several hundred files 
that spanned 15+ pages in RB.  This is C++ code so I often needed to move 
between related .cpp and .h files from adjacent inc and src folders which 
were on different pages with RB's alphabetical(?) ordering of files.  
Furthermore, due to the sheer quantity of files I had my own approach to 
how I wanted to proceed through them which defies any sort of logical 
ordering.  So as I moved from foo.cpp to bar.h, I basically would take an 
educated guess at the page containing the file, go to that page, search for 
the file name, and then move to neighboring pages until I got lucky.

Does anyone have recommendations for a saner way to approach this issue in 
large multi-page changesets?  How about a new feature for more quickly 
locating a file of interest within a review request?  Perhaps a dropdown 
listing all file names, or a search/jump capability to go directly to a 
file name of interest?  I could see this starting to get complicated when 
you have to consider duplicated file names and then having to bring 
potentially lengthy full path names into play.


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