I would love something like this as well.  Giving the author the ability to 
provide the files in a particular order can give the reviewer a much more 
coherent reading of the change.

On Tuesday, September 29, 2015 at 6:25:42 PM UTC-7, Griffin Myers wrote:
> Today I found myself reviewing a large changeset with several hundred 
> files that spanned 15+ pages in RB.  This is C++ code so I often needed to 
> move between related .cpp and .h files from adjacent inc and src folders 
> which were on different pages with RB's alphabetical(?) ordering of files.  
> Furthermore, due to the sheer quantity of files I had my own approach to 
> how I wanted to proceed through them which defies any sort of logical 
> ordering.  So as I moved from foo.cpp to bar.h, I basically would take an 
> educated guess at the page containing the file, go to that page, search for 
> the file name, and then move to neighboring pages until I got lucky.
> Does anyone have recommendations for a saner way to approach this issue in 
> large multi-page changesets?  How about a new feature for more quickly 
> locating a file of interest within a review request?  Perhaps a dropdown 
> listing all file names, or a search/jump capability to go directly to a 
> file name of interest?  I could see this starting to get complicated when 
> you have to consider duplicated file names and then having to bring 
> potentially lengthy full path names into play.
> Thanks,
> Griffin

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