On Sat, Dec 5, 2015 at 10:29 AM Paul Fee <paul.f....@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Stephen,
> That's great news, I had been wondering if Fedora/RHEL users would be
> seeing RB2.5 soon.
> On Fedora, it looks like the Django packages have moved ahead to 1.8, but
> RB still needs 1.6.  Hence ReviewBoard has disappeared from Fedora from F22
> onwards :(
Yeah, I've dropped it from the official repositories. I *had* been
maintaining it as a separate COPR repository that contains an old version
of Django, but honestly no one seems to actually be using it.
Realistically, I think people just prefer to deploy something important
like Review Board atop RHEL or CentOS rather than Fedora, and since
packaging it on Fedora is basically impossible at this time (not including
deployment via Docker or similar), it just isn't worth the effort to
maintain there.

> Nice to see that the situation on RHEL+EPEL is better.  For users on that
> platform, what can we expect when installing the upgrade?  If I already
> have a 2.0.18 installation and a site populated with users/reviews/comments
> etc. will this migrate without effort up to RB 2.5.2 or is anything else
> required, e.g. database backup/restore?
The expected behavior is that all existing reviews, users, repositories and
everything else should remain after the upgrade. That being said, if you
are upgrading to a new major release and do NOT do a full backup to be on
the safe side, you have made a grave error in judgement.

Also, as I said in the initial email: this is currently in the testing
repository precisely to catch any such issues before it goes to stable and
everyone running Review Board picks it up on their next yum update. So if
there are bugs preventing the trivial upgrade, let's get them identified
and fixed before I push this to the stable repo.

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