I get 
*The file "<a file>" (revision "number revision") was not found in the 

the file exist, I don't know why that's happening, I was working and have 
many revisions. I use local mercurialhg with reviewboard, get my diff file 
with Tortoise and get this.
Looks like reviewboard can't track the file, in the diff the file have a 
I've installed reviewboard again and the error keep present.
Mercurial work fine, we can push and pull without problem. Looking in 
google don't find a solution, similars errors, but dont't find how to solve 
I've created new repository in mercurial and get the same error.
I'm thinking in reinstall everything and begin with the project in the 
actual state, losing previous commits, hopping that this time the error 
does not appear, but is not the best solution..

Thanks everyone can help me, sorry for my english.

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