Is there a way to skip or exclude one or more revisions when generating the 
diffs?  Or some other way to remove unwanted diffs within a range?
The use case I'm in is I was working on a new feature branch, while the 
rest of the team was working on trunk.  Once a day I would sync to trunk 
and resolve conflicts.  Sync with trunk pulls in all the changes that the 
rest of the team did, including new files, and changes to the same files I 
was working on.
Now we want to do a post-commit review of the branch.  The problem is, it's 
like reviewing all the changes that everyone made.
In tortiseSVN log view, I can select the range of revisions I want to view 
the diffs, and then de-select the revisions where I synced to trunk, thus 
showing only files and edits that I made.

Thanks for any ideas!


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