I have ReviewBoard 2.5.3 installed via Bitnami installer "Review Board 
2.5.4-0.exe" on Windows Server 2008 R2.

I do the following:

   1. Commit new file test.cs to SVN repository (revision/file extension 
   142004 in attach). 
   2. Commit changed file test.cs to SVN (revision/file extension 142005 in 
   3. Create diff for the latest commit ("svn diff -c 142005 > 
   4. Create review request based on prepared diff ("rbt post --diff-file 
   5. Open created review request in diff tab (Chrome/Firefox on Windows 7). 

I expect that line with function "public byte[] Buffer(...) {...}" should be 
highlighted as new code block (green).
Instead *new line is highlighted as changed lines* (yellow).

Both revisions if file test.cs and generated diff are attached.

Any ideas how to fix this?

-- Eugene

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