Le mercredi 4 mai 2016 21:27:21 UTC+2, David Trowbridge a écrit :
> Jim,
> Start by selecting the diff that you want to show up in the change. If it 
> detects that it's needed, Review Board will then prompt you for the parent 
> diff.
> That said, if you're creating diffs and parent diffs and then uploading 
> them by hand, you'll really be well served by moving to "rbt post"
> -David
We recently tried to submit a patch that depends on an other patch not yet 
pushed (we use a git local repository). I was expecting the web interface 
of RB to ask for a parent diff, but I got a 'error: unable to find 
XXXXXXXXXX fatal: git cat-file XXXXXXXXX: bad file'.

That's indeed what git-cat-file replies when I manually run 'git cat-file 
--git-dir=YYYY cat-file -t XXXXXXXXXX'

In scmtool/git.py, the only caught error is 'fatal: Not a valid object 
After some searches, I've found that this fatal error seems to happen only 
if  the hash does not exist AND the hash is less than 40 bytes.

If the hash is 40 bytes and does not exist, I get the "error: unable to 

So, I had to patch scmtools/git.py to also throw a FileNotFoundError if 
git-cat-file output starts with "error; unable to find".

Now, the web interface proposes to upload a parent diff.

Note that with git 2.7.4 (at least), the error message seems to have 
changed to "fatal: git cat-file: could not get object info"

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