Le dimanche 7 août 2016 04:33:56 UTC+2, David Trowbridge a écrit :
> You really should be using --full-index on your git diffs (or even better, 
> rbt post/rbt diff)
Yes, I used full indices, or RB complains, advising to use --full-index

Alright, let me give you some more details.

On my computer, I create a first patch by changing an already pushed file:
    echo "one more line" >> README.md
    git add README.md
    git commit -m "Add one more line to README" 

Get the commit hash:
    git log -n 1 --oneline --no-abbrev-commit
        --> 640c72555ff05bb1defdfa408acbce69d8ad4dec Add one more line to 

Get the indices of the modified file:
   git diff-tree 640c72555ff05bb1defdfa408acbce69d8ad4dec
      --> :100644 100644 8222229d589f498854dde3c062be8be0c5648a62 
aca23a7590f0ddeb40d9eaa8e7a9988c1978960e M    README.md

So, 8222229d589f498854dde3c062be8be0c5648a62 is the blob already pushed
      aca23a7590f0ddeb40d9eaa8e7a9988c1978960e is the blob locally committed

Now, patch again the file, without committing it locally:
    echo "an other line" >> README.md

Get the diff:
    git diff --full-index README.md
      --> diff --git a/README.md b/README.md
      --> index 

So, as expected, the latest version of the file is based on 
aca23a7590f0ddeb40d9eaa8e7a9988c1978960e, the blob locally committed

Now, on the RB server, which uses a local synchronized copy of our 
repository, with git

Check if aca23a7590f0ddeb40d9eaa8e7a9988c1978960e exists locally (If not, a 
parent diff should be requested):
    git cat-file -t aca23a7590f0ddeb40d9eaa8e7a9988c1978960e
      --> error: unable to find aca23a7590f0ddeb40d9eaa8e7a9988c1978960e
      --> fatal: git cat-file aca23a7590f0ddeb40d9eaa8e7a9988c1978960e: bad 

That's not the error message parsed by scmtools/git.py

If I try the same command, but with a partial index:
    git cat-file -t aca23a7590f0
      --> fatal: Not a valid object name aca23a7590f0

So my conclusion: 
The error message parsed by scmtool.git.py is only for partial index of 
non-existing hash...
As RB requests full indices, then the "error: unable to find...." message 
is the one to parse

And now, on an other server, with a more recent version of git (2.5.1):
    git cat-file -t aca23a7590f0ddeb40d9eaa8e7a9988c1978960e
      --> fatal: git cat-file: could not get object info

As I said, the error message changed with git 1.8.something

Is there something that I did not get ?

I will also check with rbt, and let you know how it behaves.

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