Le dimanche 7 août 2016 20:02:06 UTC+2, David Trowbridge a écrit :
> It actually looks like the locally synchronized copy on the review board 
> server has some corruption (the "bad file"). I'd suggest doing a new full 
> clone.
> -David
I tried this simple test on a fresh new empty repository:

    mkdir t1
    cd t1
    git init .

    echo "1st line" > test.t
    git add test.t
    git commit -m "Add test.t"

    echo "2nd line" >> test.t
    git add test.t
    git commit -m "Add second line"

    cd ..
    cp -R t1 t2

    cd t1

    echo "3rd line" >> test.t
    git add test.t
    git commit -m "Add third line"
      --> commit is f7822b0ead90833f1a337b3003d6b0b0ba5d70d1
    git diff-tree f7822b0ead90833f1a337b3003d6b0b0ba5d70d1
      --> :100644 100644 7d91453217afc429984c4706e8df22aaac47c9ce 
6da4d3e0a797240aefaa9c8009e49c57ded3b59e M    test.t

    git cat-file -t 6da4d3e0a797240aefaa9c8009e49c57ded3b59e
      --> blob

    cd ../t2

    git cat-file -t 6da4d3e0a797240aefaa9c8009e49c57ded3b59e
      --> fatal: git cat-file 6da4d3e0a797240aefaa9c8009e49c57ded3b59e: bad 
file    (this is with a recent git version)

    git cat-file -t 6da4d3e0a797240
      --> fatal: Not a valid object name 6da4d3e0a797240

So, same result than the one that I already reported...

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