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(Updated avr. 19, 2016, 11:34 apr├Ęs-midi)

Review request for Aurora and John Sirois.


Re-introduce `tr '-' '_'` on AURORA_VERSION to be able to build suffixed 
version number with rpmbuild.

Repository: aurora-packaging


An operator should be able to build Aurora on his platform without
relying on Docker.

Even if this is an interesting way of doing it, it sometimes introduce missed
(build-)dependencies (in this case openssl) and context-specific behaviour
(here, the way pants.ini was added to the build context)

Diffs (updated)

  builder/deb/debian-jessie/Dockerfile fd15dfe6fd4518cfe9915b7339c1b3e609e968d7 
  builder/deb/debian-jessie/pants.ini 446ea8d8ebb4fce2665dc4c7c1a2ea32d5f18707 
  builder/deb/ubuntu-trusty/Dockerfile a4a9e648537841583fdc02c006bfa00a3a095aca 
  builder/rpm/centos-7/Dockerfile a4d9dfcee5637d23333c31d0c2b63a9ebcf04e8d 
  specs/debian/control 9dd927df63f68afc10506a7dcab8d26f21fbee33 
  specs/debian/rules 974fddfda6da04686daae691fa32c5b4c11a0b5d 
  specs/rpm/Makefile 0476bcbda489bf53edc2101831475fe4a4ea3241 
  specs/rpm/aurora.spec fa89242f0c39ca058bc791dab18f67f75150e2d2 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/45298/diff/


Able to build on CentOS 6 using mock.
Able to build on Debian. Limitation = need the patched version of Gradle.
Still able to build using the current Docker build system


Pierre Cheynier

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