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Change subject: IMPALA-9466: impala-shell client retry for hs2-http protocol

IMPALA-9466: impala-shell client retry for hs2-http protocol

Added retries for idempotent rpcs:
OpenSession, PingImpalaHS2Service, GetResultSetMetadata,
CloseImpalaOperation (non dmls), CancelOperation, GetOperationStatus,
GetRuntimeProfile, GetExecSummary, GetLog

Retries were also added to the 'set all' query execution and subsequent
result fetch in the ImpalaHS2Client._open_session()

The retries are only supported for hs2-http protocol and enabled by
default. At most there are 3 retries for a failed rpc. There is a sleep
duration of 'n' seconds after nth retry.

Only failed rpcs due to an error in the http transport are retried and
if an rpc failed because the server returned an error in the rpc
response then such scenarios are not retriable.

Improved error diagnostics by dumping stack trace when ImpalaShell.
_execute_stmt() gets an 'Unknown Exception'.

- Added a custom_cluster test which injects fault into the http transport
and checks expected behavior from the various rpcs. Some of these tests
leave the session in an open state and so these tests are not suitable
for the e2e test framework which have metric verifiers expecting related
metrics to be 0 at the end of the test.
- Manually tested real world scenarios with impala-shell client
communicating with an impala coordinator via a fault injecting istio mesh.
- Manually tested dropping connections on an nginx ingress gateway by sending
SIGTERM to all worker processes.

Change-Id: I0da9e9e8d34a340eaf763397cc095ff6260d65d5
M shell/impala_client.py
M shell/impala_shell.py
M shell/shell_exceptions.py
A tests/custom_cluster/test_hs2_fault_injection.py
4 files changed, 505 insertions(+), 51 deletions(-)

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