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Change subject: IMPALA-2013: Reintroduce steps for checking HBase health in 

Patch Set 5:


Reworked the git commit message, and fixed all the issues. I'm trying to find a 
good way to check the remote health of the namenode on a remote cluster.

File testdata/bin/check-hbase-nodes.py:

PS5, Line 50:     parser.add_argument('--timeout', '-t', action='store'
> I find action='store' to be redundant since that's the default.

PS5, Line 52:                               'Default is 30 seconds.'))
> Don't hardcode 30. Use a format string and read from TIMEOUT_SECONDS.

PS5, Line 56:                               'e.g, Default is 
> Use a format string and read from HDFS_HOST.

PS5, Line 60:                               'e.g, Default is 
> Use a format string and read from ZK_HOSTS.

PS5, Line 66:                               '/hbase/master and /hbase/rs.')
> Use a format string. Maybe use '-n '.join(HBASE_NODES)  as part of it?

PS5, Line 127:         hdfs_client.list('/')
> What does this do?
Throws an exception if we can't connect to HDFS. I was re-thinking this weekend 
that maybe this whole bit should either moved or reworked. It doesn't seem to 
be working on remote hosts.

PS5, Line 125:     try:
             :         hdfs_client = InsecureClient('http://' + args.hdfs_host)
             :         hdfs_client.list('/')
             :     except requests.exceptions.ConnectionError as e:
             :         msg = 'Could not connect to HDFS web host http://{0} - 
{1}'.format(args.hdfs_host, e)
             :         LOGGER.error(msg)
             :         sys.exit(1)
             :     zk_client = connect_to_zookeeper(args.zookeeper_hosts, 
             :     errors = sum([check_hbase_node(zk_client, node, 
args.timeout) for node in args.nodes])
> I suggest you make this a method. The __main__ can get the arguments, the e

PS5, Line 135:     if errors:
> It would be better to have the explicit numerical > 0 comparison.

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