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Change subject: IMPALA-4188: Leopard: support external Docker volumes

IMPALA-4188: Leopard: support external Docker volumes

To be able to run the Random Query Generator with Impala and Kudu, we
need to mount an external Docker volume as a workaround to KUDU-1419.
This patch introduces a series of environment variables a user may tweak
in order to help with that purpose. The patch assumes a viable,
reasonable Docker container based on a standard Linux distribution like
Ubuntu 14.

To assist users, I've updated the Leopard README with instructions on
the environment variables' meanings.

The gist here is that the container is the source of truth, which means
to create an external volume, we need to copy the testdata off the
container onto the host running Docker Engine. To do that we suggest a
strategy using rsync via passwordless SSH key.

I used a Cloudera Docker container that has Impala in /home/dev/Impala.
Before, Kudu would fail to start due to KUDU-1419. Now, we load testdata
into an external volume, build Impala, run the minicluster including
Kudu, and can access the tpch_kudu data.

I made flake8 fixes as well. flake8 on this file is now clean.

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