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Change subject: IMPALA-4188: Leopard: support external Docker volumes

Patch Set 5:


Commit Message:

PS5, Line 10: use
> Would "mount" be an appropriate verb. If so, I think it's more descriptive.

PS5, Line 19: need the
> "need to move the"?
Done, but it's not a "move"; it's a copy.

PS5, Line 21: rsync
> Why rsync versus, say, just cp or mv?
This is over a networking virtual layer, so cp won't work. Again, we're not 
moving data, we're copying it. rsync is more efficient than scp once you've 
warmed a volume once. It's also convenient to be able to use rsync -a, --chown, 
and the usage is a lot better than SCP. If you want to do any serious 
transferring of data, rsync is the better tool.

File tests/comparison/leopard/README:

PS5, Line 17: Basic Configuration
> It's a nit, but it might be nicer if this line, and "External Volume Config

PS5, Line 43: use
> "mount external Docker volumes that contain the necessary testdata"?

PS5, Line 54: path on TARGET_HOST where the
            : external volume will reside
> This is just a directory, right?
Yes, and Leopard is responsible for creating it.

File tests/comparison/leopard/impala_docker_env.py:

Line 298:     if os.environ.get('KUDU_IS_SUPPORTED') == 'true':
> Does it makes sense to reference KUDU-1419 here, or at least the README, to

Line 308:             'rsync -e "ssh -i {priv_key} -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no '
> I'm just curious -- how long does this process take?
I timed it last week and it was about 20 minutes in the cold case; almost 
instantly in the very hot case.

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