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Change subject: tool: better handling for positional arguments

Patch Set 1:

 > > Sure wish there was some test coverage on these tools...
 > Alright, you got me. I'll add some in another patch.
 > > There is a Go library which allows to implement rich CLI tools. 
 > If
 > > using the library it's really easy to document the
 > > commands/sub-commands/parameters and it provides tab-completion
 > > support for shell as an additional feature.  It might be useful
 > to
 > > take a look at that:
 > >
 > >
 > >
 > > There is even more powerful library named Cobra:
 > >
 > >
 > > We implemented very decent command-line tool using
 > codegangsta/cli
 > > library in one of prior projects.
 > >
 > > Also, if talking about command-line tools: given the abundance of
 > > CLI libraries, it might make sense to consider an option to
 > > implement those in Go.  It's really fast and simple in
 > development
 > > and seems to be the perfect language choice for that sort of
 > > things.
 > Thanks for pointing me at those. I took a quick look at cli, and
 > it's encouraging to see that it uses largely the same patterns that
 > this tool does: actions nested under verbs, each of which is mapped
 > to a function.
 > As for writing the tool in Go, Dan asked me the same question (but
 > about Python). I wanted to use C++ because I wanted to avoid
 > introducing a runtime dependency (this is mostly a knock against
 > Python, since Go programs are statically linked), and I wanted to
 > make it super easy to call into our existing C++ code.
 > > Also, if it makes sense to exercise bash completion to in
 > > displaying available sub-commands, it would also make sense to
 > > check that.  Basically, it's about outputting the available
 > > sub-commands if given --enable-bash-completion option at any
 > level.
 > Didn't know this. Am I understanding you correctly: if a program
 > responds to --enable-bash-completion with a list of verbs, then
 > bash will invoke that behind the user's back when they try to tab
 > complete? That is, if I run "kudu <TAB>", bash will try to run
 > "kudu --enable-bash-completion" to figure out what the possible
 > completions are?

Yes, that's the idea.  The bash can use different option.  Actually, an 
additional .bashrc customization will be necessary.  For details, please take 

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