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Change subject: [docs] added Kudu version into the doxygen footer

Patch Set 1:

File CMakeLists.txt:

PS1, Line 79: execute_process(COMMAND git rev-parse HEAD
> What happens if this runs outside of a git repo, or if git isn't installed?
I didn't know that: was assuming all builds work against git-cloned repo.  Will 
re-use the generated info in version_defines.h
File docs/support/doxygen/

PS1, Line 55: share/doc/kuduClient/samples/
> Can we substitute this in as a list? Better yet if we can somehow set it fr
Certainly, good idea!  Not sure whether it's possible to set it via 
src/kudu/client/CMakeLists.txt, but as for the list from the top-level 
CMakeLists.txt -- for sure.  Will change.
File docs/support/doxygen/

PS1, Line 6: </body>
           : </html>
> Presumably these were opened in the header?
Yes, this is how doxygen wants it:
File src/kudu/client/shared_ptr.h:

PS1, Line 21: /// @file shared_ptr.h
> Hmm, I don't recall seeing @file tags in the other files you doxygenized. W
The @file command/directive is needed here because this file contains only 
'global' entities, so without the @file they are not included into the 
generated documentation.  For details, take a look at the 'Important' note:

PS1, Line 22: pointers
> Nit: pointer

PS1, Line 39: defined(__clang__)
> You can build Kudu with gcc on macOS? Didn't know that was possible.
Ah, it seems that's from my attempts to do that.  I worked some asm issues, but 
I stopped with glog libraries.  I'll remove this -- thanks.

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