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Change subject: WIP: tie log retention to consensus watermarks

Patch Set 1:


just responding to comments. will work on the TODOs in the patch and add tests.
Commit Message:

Line 60: WIP because this needs some automated tests for the above behavior, and
> would also be good to get an idea on what is the impact on startup. our boo
will add a comment to the commit message about this.
File src/kudu/consensus/

Line 650:         rem_segs <= FLAGS_log_max_segments_to_retain) {
> idea (possibly unrelated to this patch), instead of a max segments to retai
hesitant to do it percentage-wise, because it's not always obvious how that 
plays with shared drive usage. ie is it "20% of the total drive?" or "20% of 
the space that you want Kudu to be using"? I do agree that size-wise is better 
than a segment count, and it should probably be global across all tablets, not 
a per-tablet setting.

If you don't mind, I'll try to tackle this as part of KUDU-1567. I did mark the 
new 'max_segments_to_retain' as experimental so that we can break it.
File src/kudu/consensus/raft_consensus.h:

Line 173:   log::RetentionIndexes GetLogRetention() override;
> rename to GetRetentionIndexes?

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