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Change subject: cli tool: List all tablets/replica_uuids with 'kudu table list'

Patch Set 2:

> Also on an ortho topic of making the output to machine-readable by
 > keeping loglevels to only WARNING and above: I realized couple of
 > ways to do that is to use big hammer FLAG_minloglevel = 2 or
 > google::SetCommandLineOption(minloglevel, 2) from code , but that
 > also means we are losing the access to all logs below WARNING. Does
 > that mean it's a no-go ? Come to think of it, any script wants to
 > consume this output, it could use 'kudu ... 2>/dev/null' which
 > isn't a bad assumption.

Firstly, I think we should stifle _all_ LOG messages, not just INFO or below. 
In the event of a failed action, the Status should contain enough information 
to figure out what's going on, and if not, the action can be rerun with --debug 
(or whatever option name you choose).

Secondly, you can use google::GetCommandLineFlagInfoOrDie() to get a 
CommandLineFlagInfo for a given gflag. Inside that there's a is_default field 
which will tell you if the user has overridden the default value. So, if 
is_default is true, you can adjust minloglevel as you please. If not, leave it 
alone and let the user's value carry through.

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