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Change subject: Implement an upgrade test

Patch Set 2:


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PS2, Line 7: upgrade
Wouldn't this also be a downgrade test if we happen to use the binary-set B 
from lower release number ?

PS2, Line 9: a simple
This is bit more white-boxy than I initially thought. Thinking out loud here, I 
am not sure if it's possible with gtest to do this or if this is complicated: 
Keep this UpgradeTest as a wrapper(or a co-ordinator) between 2 
integration-test runs, i.e given an integration-test name provided as argument, 
upgrade test runs the specified test using both release bits. Given that each 
of these tests run entirely independently and setup the clusters from clean 
slate, this seems not so plausible at the moment. Perhaps this could have been 
possible if we had stashed away ExternalMiniCluster config in a persistent 
location(purely as a means to communicate to next run of the same test). Whole 
point of this idea was to try to cover compatibility for several other 
subsystems like FS, PB, etc without needing to add newer set of tests just for 
the upgrade test use case. Instead leverage the existing suite of tests and 
invoke them using upgrade test.

File src/kudu/integration-tests/external_mini_cluster.h:

Line 255:   void SetDaemonBinPath(std::string daemon_bin_path);
Nit: name it to SetBinaryPath in comparison to GetBinaryPath below?

File src/kudu/integration-tests/upgrade-test.cc:

Line 38: DEFINE_int32(num_snapshots, 3, "Number of snapshots to verify across 
replicas and reboots.");
nit: s/num_snapshots/num_samples ?

PS2, Line 76: undefok
nit: do we need undefok here and below ?

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