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Change subject: util: fix logged Kudu URL

Patch Set 3:

> Patch Set 3:
> > Patch Set 3:
> >
> > > It's not just for dev builds. What prompted the change was that I
> >  > saw a production cluster point to http://.../1.7.0-cdh5.12/docs
> >
> > Definitely we want to remove the -cdh mumbo jumbo, but don't we want to 
> > keep -SNAPSHOT? The link won't be any more broken now than a link to an 
> > unreleased version, and if we do publish the website from master, then I 
> > think we should have the -SNAPSHOT in the URL.

Maybe, I guess it'd be dependent on if/how we implement a /dev version for the 
site. E.g. it could be we just use the version number, but slap on a warning at 
the top of every page saying it's just a dev snapshot and may not reflect the 
release, etc. That said, it's worth considering leaving any extra parsing up to 
the user, if they so choose to change version.txt themselves.

Todd mentioned perhaps using, since it'd give us some flexibility, 
although I think going down that path would need some extra steps to how we 
build/release the site (maybe we should snatch 
now? Although going down that root makes it a bit harder to link to specific 

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