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Change subject: KUDU-2290: Tool to re-create a tablet

Patch Set 5:

File src/kudu/client/
PS5, Line 912:         // Partition should not have changed.
> What is a partition except a pair of bounds, in other words, what does your
I've developed a bad habit of using "partition" and "tablet" interchangeably. 
When a tablet is replaced, its partition (or partition boundaries) stay the 
same, but the tablet ID changes. That's what I'm getting at here; that the ID 
has changed.
File src/kudu/master/master.proto:
PS5, Line 715:
> Keep it optional, please.  We should never introduce new required fields.
Just to close this out, Dan (and Todd) reminded me that for scalars, optional 
provides a reasonable default value, one that would have been a valid value to 
begin with. For example, the default for "bytes" in C++ is the empty string, 
which would have been valid to send had the record been required too. Meaning, 
if the empty string is invalid input, it would need to be sanitized regardless 
of whether the field was optional or required.

The default value for embedded messages is null and thus is an exception to 
this rule (i.e. you can't dereference 'foo' without first validating it via 
'has_foo()'), but those are less prevalent than scalars, so the burden isn't as 

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