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Change subject: [java] Use gradle caching now that it is stable in 4.6

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PS1, Line 7: [java] Use gradle caching now that it is stable in 4.6
> What's the motivation? Can you explain in the commit message?
PS1, Line 9: protobug
> protobuf?
File build-support/jenkins/
PS1, Line 390:      GRADLE_FLAGS="$GRADLE_FLAGS --console=plain --no-daemon 
> Why disable the daemon and caching here? Can you add a comment?
I don't have too but I used it for build isolation. I will add a comment.
File java/gradle/compile.gradle:
PS1, Line 26:   options.compilerArgs << '-proc:none' // Ignore leaked 
annotation processors on the compile classpath.
> What does that error actually mean? What does "leaking" mean in this contex
To see the warning output from gradle run a build on the kudu-hive project 
without this line. Essentially a transitive dependency somewhere in the stack 
added an annotation processor that should not be there. Since we don't sue them 
we are ignoring them.

Here is the gradle documentation on the issue:

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