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Change subject: [java] Use gradle caching now that it is stable in 4.6

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PS1, Line 7: [java] Use gradle caching now that it is stable in 4.6
> It's hard to measure exactly. Gradle will prevent the rebuild of existing c
I didn't know this was a problem we had; to my untrained eye, the Gradle 
"build" (excluding test runtime) was already quite fast. That's why I asked you 
to quantify it. Two minutes is nothing to sneeze at, but as you showed, 
Gradle's basic incremental building support is good enough to reclaim that time.

So I guess I'm still struggling to qualify whether this trade-off is worth it. 
We're talking about space consumed outside of the build output directory, and 
naive Gradle users won't know how to find that. Even just a few GBs can have an 
impact on a small SSD. At least ccache is opt-in so you have to be aware of it 
in order to make its space/time trade-off.

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