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Change subject: [Java] Add setRow to Operation

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> Not really understanding the motivation. You provided some sample code near
This is useful for integration use cases where you translate from some 
third-party row class to Kudu's partial row and then convert it to an operation 
to send to kudu.

Today you need to know the operation before you convert which is more tightly 
coupled than needed, or you need to copy the partial row over to the ops 
partial row which is expensive.

The next 2 patches in this series are a good example of usage. Additionally I 
have a repartitioning patch coming up that will use this.
File java/kudu-client/src/main/java/org/apache/kudu/client/
PS1, Line 188: tables
> table's
PS1, Line 201:     
             :         "The row's schema must be equal to the table schema");
> Won't this be expensive when working with many operations?
There is a cost, but it's pretty low given they need to be equal by reference, 
not by value. I will change to using == incase the equals implementation ever 

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