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Review request for mesos.

Repository: mesos


Add the MESOS_USE_BUNDLED_PACKAGE() macro to make it easy to provide
consistent behavior for bundled packages selected by either
--enable-bundled-$PACKAGE or --with-$PACKAGE.

The default policy is set by --enable-bundled and overridden when
the user specifies an --enable-bundled-$PACKAGE or --with-$PACKAGE
option. If --with-$PACKAGE is specified as "bundled", the bundled
version is selected.


  configure.ac cad7f0e92eacc86d37b3f578382946db8b466531 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/35084/diff/


Configure and build on CentOS 7 and Mac OS X 10.10.3. Verify various (not 
exhaustive!) combinations of enabling and disableing bundled packages.

For example, on CentOS, this alost works:
  $ onfigure.developer  --disable-bundled --with-zookeeper=bundled 

To work completely, this change needs to be propagated to libprocess, which I 
can do once reviewers agree that it's the right behavior.


James Peach

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