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Thanks Adam, looks good, just one suggestion related to naming the field in the 
connection message.

docs/configuration.md (line 373)

    How about "will be removed" to keep the terminology consistent with our 
other slave removal flag names, instead of "will be asked to shutdown"?

docs/configuration.md (lines 556 - 558)

    Ditto here, let's say "removed" instead of "asked to shutdown".

docs/upgrades.md (line 13)

    How about:
    "Slaves should be upgraded to 0.23.x before changing this flag."
    Just because the re-register comment here seems a bit confusing, people 
using this timeout might not know that the slaves use it to trigger 
re-registrations..? Up to you.

src/master/flags.cpp (lines 387 - 391)

    "1s" and "15min" will not parse as Durations, but "1secs" and "15mins" 
will, so how about just stringifying directly, so we are guaranteed to show 
them a parseable string:
            if (value < Seconds(1) || values > Minutes(15)) {
              return Error("Expected --slave_ping_timeout to be within " +
                           stringify(Seconds(1)) + " and " +
            return None();
    Also, it's too bad that we have to include the flag names here, I was a bit 
surprised that the load error coming from flags does not already include which 
flag's validation failed! I left a comment for benh here: 

src/master/flags.cpp (line 401)

    (1) s/const// since we don't bother taking in native types as const 
arguments in our existing style.
    (2) s/uint32_t/size_t/ since we've generally been using 'size_t' for 
non-negative countable things like this.

src/master/master.cpp (line 129)

    Ditto above: s/uint32_t/size_t/ and s/const//
    Just to be consistent with the majority of our code.

src/master/master.cpp (line 269)

    Here, just s/uint32_t/size_t

src/master/master.cpp (lines 3154 - 3157)

    Hm.. you have a ping_timeout in the message, but that doesn't correspond to 
the ping timeout? It seems a bit misleading that it corresponds to the shutdown 
    Two suggestions:
    (1) Rename 'ping_timeout_seconds' to 'total_ping_timeout_seconds' to help 
us realize that this isn't the singular ping timeout, along with a small note 
on the message related to this.
    (2) Add max_ping_timeouts to the connection message, and set both fields 
directly from the flags.
    (1) seems simpler to me for now.

src/master/master.cpp (line 3234)

    Feel free to omit 'const' for locally scoped variables like this, we should 
probably be careful about proliferating 'const', there are a ton we can add to 
the existing source but it will probably get too verbose and inconsistent :(

src/messages/messages.proto (lines 296 - 298)

    Per the above comment, how about:
    message MasterSlaveConnection {
      // If no pings are received within the total timeout,
      // the master will remove the slave.
      optional double total_ping_timeout_seconds = 1;

src/slave/slave.cpp (line 976)

    Revert this change? Looks odd that TERMINATING has the same two lines but 
doesn't have the newline.

- Ben Mahler

On June 22, 2015, 10:03 a.m., Adam B wrote:
> -----------------------------------------------------------
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> -----------------------------------------------------------
> (Updated June 22, 2015, 10:03 a.m.)
> Review request for mesos, Ben Mahler and Niklas Nielsen.
> Bugs: MESOS-2110
>     https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MESOS-2110
> Repository: mesos
> Description
> -------
> Added new --slave_ping_timeout and --max_slave_ping_timeouts flags
> to mesos-master to supplement the DEFAULT_SLAVE_PING_TIMEOUT (15secs)
> These can be extended if slaves are expected/allowed to be down for
> longer than a minute or two.
> Slave will receive master's ping timeout in SlaveRe[re]gisteredMessage.
> Beware that this affects recovery from network timeouts as well as
> actual slave node/process failover.
> Also fixed the log message in recoveredSlavesTimeout() to correctly
> reference flags.slave_reregister_timeout instead of the unrelated
> ping timeouts.
> Diffs
> -----
>   docs/configuration.md aaf65bf 
>   docs/upgrades.md 355307a 
>   src/master/constants.hpp 072d59c 
>   src/master/constants.cpp 997b792 
>   src/master/flags.hpp 55ed3a9 
>   src/master/flags.cpp 4377715 
>   src/master/master.cpp 0135c15 
>   src/messages/messages.proto 1c8d79e 
>   src/slave/constants.hpp 84927e5 
>   src/slave/constants.cpp d8d2f98 
>   src/slave/slave.hpp f1cf3b8 
>   src/slave/slave.cpp 40c0c33 
>   src/tests/partition_tests.cpp f7ee3ab 
>   src/tests/slave_recovery_tests.cpp c036e9c 
>   src/tests/slave_tests.cpp 5030198 
> Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/29507/diff/
> Testing
> -------
> Manually tested slave failover/shutdown with master using different 
> --slave_ping_timeout and --max_slave_ping_timeouts.
> Ran unit tests with shorter non-default values for ping timeouts.
> `make check` with new unit tests: ShortPingTimeoutUnreachableMaster and 
> ShortPingTimeoutUnreachableSlave
> Thanks,
> Adam B

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