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(Updated July 8, 2015, 1:18 a.m.)

Review request for mesos, Benjamin Hindman, Ian Downes, Jie Yu, Joris Van 
Remoortere, Marco Massenzio, and Vinod Kone.

Bugs: MESOS-2727

Repository: mesos-incubating


See Summary.


  docs/configuration.md 9a8505d 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/36294/diff/

Testing (updated)

I went through each of the flags.hpp's and made sure each flag was represented.
I did not go so far as to check for text rewordings.

Rendered at https://www.notehub.org/2015/7/8/mesos-configuration

Some of you Shepherded/committed new flags in 0.23.0 without any corresponding 
configuration.md update.
Let's try to make sure updating configuration.md is included as a part of 
whatever feature work introduces the new flag, so that future release managers 
don't have to document your feature for you.


Adam B

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