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I think the checklist could benefit from some organization, at least splitting 
it into the half that the candidate fills out and the half that the nominator 
fills out. Bonus points for a logical ordering/grouping within those.

docs/committer-candidate-checklist.md (line 7)

    s/as for instance/e.g./

docs/committer-candidate-checklist.md (line 9)

    I'm not convinced these `<input type="text"/>` will actually show up on the 
website, or even github.
    Let's leave `Nomination date` out of the checklist, since that comes 
implicitly when the nominator makes the actual nomination, and is impossible to 
guess before then.

docs/committer-candidate-checklist.md (line 15)

    Please add ReviewBoard username, since that's how we actually generate the 
Author field in the git commits.
    As far as I know, a github profile is unnecessary and irrelevant.

docs/committer-candidate-checklist.md (lines 19 - 20)

    Please add links to explanations of the Apache Way, otherwise new 
contributors will be clueless.

docs/committer-candidate-checklist.md (lines 22 - 26)

    These are rather vague. Are they meant to be filled in by the Nominator or 
the candidate? Either way, it'd be nice to give some hints/examples of how 
these would be demonstrated.

docs/committer-candidate-checklist.md (lines 35 - 36)

    Another one that the candidate can't fill out themselves.
    Maybe it would be best to break this down into the "candidate checklist" 
part that the candidate fills out (all my ids/stats/queries, etc.) and the 
"nomination form" that the nominator fills out.

docs/committer-candidate-checklist.md (lines 69 - 71)

    Let's generalize this so the candidate can choose how to provide evidence:
    * Evidence of testing as a priority:
    A simple metric could be <#tests written> / <#testable tickets>. Or you 
could detail a particularly complex set of unit tests you had to write. Or 
explain how you have improved the project's testing infrastructure or best 

docs/committer-candidate-checklist.md (line 77)

    Doesn't this go along with the community participation section?

docs/committers.md (line 7)

    My recommended wording:
    "An Apache Mesos committer is a contributor with write access to the Mesos 
repositories and related Apache infrastructure. In the Mesos project, each 
committer is also a voting member of the PMC."
    Since this is more about the responsibilities/privileges of being a 
committer, the ICLA seems like an irrelevant administrative detail.

docs/committers.md (line 11)

    s/elected/voted in/ since an election implies a choice of candidates.

- Adam B

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