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Review request for mesos, Tomasz Janiszewski, Kevin Klues, Neil Conway, and 
Vinod Kone.

Bugs: MESOS-5431

Repository: mesos


In this changes, we include below items to make it more convenience to
develop and generate the website.

* added `doxygen` and `javadoc` to `rake` default target.
* added `build.sh` as the wrapper for the website generation to make
  sure we clean up generated documents when exit.
* switched the `Dockerfile` to based on `centos:7` because the default
  `doxygen` version in `ubuntu:14.04` doesn't include `jquery.js`
  correctly when generate `doxygen` documents.
* adjusted the `Dockerfile` and `README.md` locations to avoid we
  distract at finding the website generation document.


  site/.gitignore 987a5d3cc161a67de1fb21c2002ed9698bbb0689 
  site/Dockerfile PRE-CREATION 
  site/README.md 468021ef4f8ed942c4a16784bc82349af9ae0d5e 
  site/Rakefile fbf690fb672edf08793a014a4bca5915476d9754 
  site/build.sh PRE-CREATION 
  support/site-docker/Dockerfile 8ea3d5c5fe531ec76950ed0bf110d7d477339158 
  support/site-docker/README.md 957117e1211f06b40c5fb621039dd90aff562a87 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/47695/diff/



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