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Review request for mesos, Akash Gupta, Benjamin Bannier, Jeff Coffler, John 
Kordich, Joseph Wu, and Michael Park.

Bugs: MESOS-8556

Repository: mesos


On Windows, Boost explicitly checks if it's being compiled with a
compiler version they've tested. As we tend to update Visual Studio
whenever a stable update is available, this leads to a Boost warning,
"Unknown compiler version..." being emitted repeatedly (for every file
which includes a Boost header).

If it were emitted once, we would leave it be, but because it's
repeated hundreds of times, and is mostly harmless, we patch the build
to remove the warning itself. Unfortunately, there is no compile-time
option to disable the warning instead of a patch.

Note that it is not straight-forward to generate a patch file for
Boost. The steps were: clone the Boost repo recursively, go the
`libs/config` submodule, edit the `visualc.hpp` file, go to the
`include` subdirectory, and use `git diff --relative` to generate the
patch with the corrects paths expected for the extracted tarball.


  3rdparty/CMakeLists.txt 61dc788edf96ca6e8e3ee736eb232c0c118e6191 
  3rdparty/boost-1.65.0.patch PRE-CREATION 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/66046/diff/1/


Built on Windows; no more warning.


Andrew Schwartzmeyer

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