anchovYu commented on code in PR #38776:

@@ -424,8 +424,51 @@ case class OuterReference(e: NamedExpression)
   override def qualifier: Seq[String] = e.qualifier
   override def exprId: ExprId = e.exprId
   override def toAttribute: Attribute = e.toAttribute
-  override def newInstance(): NamedExpression = OuterReference(e.newInstance())
+  override def newInstance(): NamedExpression =
+    OuterReference(e.newInstance()).setNameParts(nameParts)
   final override val nodePatterns: Seq[TreePattern] = Seq(OUTER_REFERENCE)
+  // optional field, the original name parts of UnresolvedAttribute before it 
is resolved to
+  // OuterReference. Used in rule ResolveLateralColumnAlias to convert 
OuterReference back to
+  // LateralColumnAliasReference.
+  var nameParts: Option[Seq[String]] = None
+  def setNameParts(newNameParts: Option[Seq[String]]): OuterReference = {

Review Comment:
   As we discussed before, I feel it is not safe to do so given the current 
solution in ResolveOuterReference that each rule is applied only once. I made 
up a query (it can't run, just for demonstration):
   FROM range(1, 7)
   WHERE (
     SELECT id2
     FROM (SELECT dept * 2.0 AS id, id + 1 AS id2 FROM $testTable)) > 5
   ORDER BY id
   It is possible that `dept * 2.0` is not resolved because it needs type 
conversion, so the LCA rule doesn't apply. Then it just wraps the `id` in `id + 
1 AS id2` as OuterReference.

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