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   On K8s cluster mode, when 
   before [SPARK-35174](, the 
`spark-submit` will exit quickly w/ the basic application information.
   logInfo(s"Deployed Spark application ${conf.appName} with submission ID $sId 
into Kubernetes")
   After [SPARK-35174](, 
those part of code is unreachable, so nothing is output.
   This PR also proposes to change the `appName` to `appId` in the output 
message, to make it consistent w/ the context (if you look at the 
`LoggingPodStatusWatcherImpl`, this is kind of an exception, `... application 
$appId ...` is used in other places), and YARN.
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   Yes, changes contain
   1) when `spark.kubernetes.submission.waitAppCompletion=false`, the user can 
see the app information when `spark-submit` exit.
   2) the end of `spark-submit` information contains app id instead of app 
name, which is consistent w/ the context and other resource managers like YARN.
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