MaxGekk commented on code in PR #40508:

@@ -213,7 +213,9 @@ class SparkSession private[sql] (
    * @param sqlText
    *   A SQL statement with named parameters to execute.
    * @param args
-   *   A map of parameter names to literal values.
+   *   A map of parameter names to string values that are parsed as SQL 
literal expressions.

Review Comment:
   > This means you're interpreting the input, am I mistaken?
   For me, the "interpreting" word means execute the SQL text and produce a 
date, but we just try to convert the input text to a literal. Roughly speaking, 
switching by branches to parse the input. Don't think that it can be considered 
as interpretation (or evaluation, execution and so on).
   > The core part is that users of the API will see that it supports parameter 
substitution and will believe it provides the same guarantees of fixed literals 
   It provides, we checks that all args are literals but arbitrary expressions, 

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