dongjoon-hyun commented on code in PR #44173:

@@ -67,6 +67,25 @@ private[master] class FileSystemRecoveryModeFactory(conf: 
SparkConf, serializer:
+ * LeaderAgent in this case is a no-op. Since leader is forever leader as the 
+ * recovery is made by restoring from RocksDB.
+ */
+private[master] class RocksDBRecoveryModeFactory(conf: SparkConf, serializer: 
+  extends StandaloneRecoveryModeFactory(conf, serializer) with Logging {
+  val recoveryDir = conf.get(RECOVERY_DIRECTORY)

Review Comment:
   Thank you for review. @yaooqinn and @LuciferYang 
   I tried according to your advices but it seems to make the configuration 
namespace a little weird because this existing configuration is a general one, 
   If we introduce a new configuration for `RocksDBPersistenceEngine` like the 
following, the users will ask why we cannot use 
`spark.deploy.recoveryDirectory` for `ROCKSDB` mode. Here is the example. The 
AS-IS design aims to allow the users to switch a single configuration 
   If we add a new configuration, it would be the following where 
`spark.deploy.recoveryDirectory` is no-op.
   In addition, we assume that the users clear the location properly when they 
changes the settings like the following. 
   - `spark.deploy.recoverySerializer`
   - `spark.deploy.recoveryCompressionCodec`
   To sum up, if you guys don't mind, I'd like to use the existing general 
configuration name for this backend.

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