LuciferYang commented on PR #45141:

   cc @HeartSaVioR @srowen @amaliujia 
   Actually, I didn't reproduce this issue locally because when I use Maven to 
test the branch-3.5 `connect` module, the order of test case execution is 
`SparkConnectStreamingQueryCacheSuite`, `ExecuteEventsManagerSuite`, 
`SparkConnectProtoSuite`... and there are no `DataFrame` instances in 
`SparkConnectStreamingQueryCacheSuite` and `ExecuteEventsManagerSuite`. 
Therefore, `sparkTestRelation` in `SparkConnectProtoSuite` is still the first 
`DataFrame` to be initialized, its `id` is 0, which bypasses this issue.
   However, we can use some tricky methods to reproduce the failure. For 
example, change
   test("Basic select") {
     val connectPlan ="id".protoAttr)
     val sparkPlan ="id")
     comparePlans(connectPlan, sparkPlan)
   In this way, `sparkTestRelation` will definitely not be the first 
`DataFrame` to be initialized, and the test failure can be reproduced, but 
`Basic select` will still pass the test.

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