Github user misutoth commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -770,7 +837,14 @@ case class Unhex(child: Expression) extends 
UnaryExpression with ImplicitCastInp
     // scalastyle:off line.size.limit
    -  usage = "_FUNC_(expr1, expr2) - Returns the angle in radians between the 
positive x-axis of a plane and the point given by the coordinates (`expr1`, 
    --- End diff --
    Now I got it. Sorry, earlier I just misunderstood it. Are you proposing to 
move this case class inside the file to be next to the other trigonometric 
function? Based on the comments it seems the functions are group based on the 
number of arguments. This function has 2 arguments that is why it is under `// 
Binary math functions` section. Even though this does not seem to create big 
cohesion inside such a group I guess we do not want to reorganize the file now?


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