Github user rdblue commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -107,17 +106,24 @@ case class DataSourceV2Relation(
    - * A specialization of DataSourceV2Relation with the streaming bit set to 
true. Otherwise identical
    - * to the non-streaming relation.
    + * A specialization of [[DataSourceV2Relation]] with the streaming bit set 
to true.
    + *
    + * Note that, this plan has a mutable reader, so Spark won't apply 
operator push-down for this plan,
    + * to avoid making the plan mutable. We should consolidate this plan and 
    + * after we figure out how to apply operator push-down for streaming data 
    --- End diff --
    I agree that a diagram would really help us follow what's happening and the 
assumptions that are going into these proposals.
    I'd also like to see this discussion happen on the dev list, where more 
people can participate. The streaming API for v2 wasn't really discussed there 
(unless I missed it) and given these challenges I think we should go back and 
have a design and discussion on it. This PR probably isn't the right place to 
get into these details.


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