Github user rdblue commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -415,12 +418,14 @@ class MicroBatchExecution(
                 case v1: SerializedOffset => reader.deserializeOffset(v1.json)
                 case v2: OffsetV2 => v2
    -          reader.setOffsetRange(
    -            toJava(current),
    -            Optional.of(availableV2))
    +          reader.setOffsetRange(toJava(current), Optional.of(availableV2))
               logDebug(s"Retrieving data from $reader: $current -> 
    -          Some(reader ->
    -            new 
StreamingDataSourceV2Relation(reader.readSchema().toAttributes, reader))
    +          Some(reader -> StreamingDataSourceV2Relation(
    --- End diff --
    I realize that this is a pre-existing problem, but why is it necessary to 
create a relation from a reader here? The addition of `FakeDataSourceV2` and 
the `readerToDataSourceMap` aren't unresonable because the relation should have 
a reference to the `DataSourceV2` instance, but I doubt that the relation 
should be created here.


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