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    @@ -663,3 +663,7 @@ You can inspect the search path in R with 
      - The `stringsAsFactors` parameter was previously ignored with `collect`, 
for example, in `collect(createDataFrame(iris), stringsAsFactors = TRUE))`. It 
has been corrected.
      - For `summary`, option for statistics to compute has been added. Its 
output is changed from that from `describe`.
      - A warning can be raised if versions of SparkR package and the Spark JVM 
do not match.
    +## Upgrading to Spark 2.4.0
    + - The `start` parameter of `substr` method was wrongly subtracted by one, 
previously. In other words, the index specified by `start` parameter was 
considered as 0-base. This can lead to inconsistent substring results and also 
does not match with the behaviour with `substr` in R. It has been fixed so the 
`start` parameter of `substr` method is now 1-base, e.g., `substr(df$a, 2, 5)` 
should be changed to `substr(df$a, 1, 4)`.
    --- End diff --
    Yes. Added.


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