MaxGekk commented on a change in pull request #25410: [SPARK-28690][SQL] Add 
`date_part` function for timestamps/dates

 File path: 
 @@ -1963,3 +1963,77 @@ case class Epoch(child: Expression, timeZoneId: 
Option[String] = None)
     defineCodeGen(ctx, ev, c => s"$dtu.getEpoch($c, $zid)")
+  usage = "_FUNC_(field, source) - Extracts a part of the date/timestamp.",
+  arguments = """
+    Arguments:
+      * field - selects which part of the source should be extracted. 
Supported string values are:
+                ["MILLENNIUM", "MILLENNIA", "MIL", "MILS",
+                 "CENTURY", "CENTURIES", "C", "CENT",
+                 "DECADE", "DECADES", "DEC", "DECS",
+                 "YEAR", "Y", "YEARS", "YR", "YRS",
+                 "ISOYEAR",
+                 "QUARTER", "QTR",
+                 "MONTH", "MON", "MONS", "MONTHS",
+                 "WEEK", "W", "WEEKS",
+                 "DAY", "D", "DAYS",
+                 "DAYOFWEEK", "DOW", "ISODOW", "DOY",
+                 "HOUR", "H", "HOURS", "HR", "HRS",
+                 "MINUTE", "M", "MIN", "MINS", "MINUTES",
+                 "SECOND", "S", "SEC", "SECONDS", "SECS",
+                 "EPOCH"]
 Review comment:
   Sounds good. I will do that.

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