More update.

There were some minor changes that missed the rc1, so we added them

* yokozuna/746: [remove 
* yokozuna/747: [Remove jvm directive from test 
* riak_repl/782: [Change ETS queue table permissions to 

And today tagged RC2 (riak-2.2.5rc2)

Same rules as before:

At this point I DID NOT tag all the dependencies so it is _VERY IMPORTANT_ that 
the rebar.config.lock file is used when you build a release to test (e.g. `make 

If anyone (Tiot? ESL?) can/wants to build packages please post to this list 
about location for those who’d rather test against packages.

We’ve got perf test results upcoming, and then we’ll tag final.

Thanks for your patience, almost there now.



On 29 Mar 2018, at 18:18, Bryan Hunt <> wrote:

> From our side, it’s bank holiday weekend now, so we shall start building 
> packages on Monday/Tuesday and share them out via package cloud. 
> Will keep you updated. 
> B
>> On 29 Mar 2018, at 16:15, Russell Brown <> wrote:
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